I have temporarily given up…

I give up. ..

Potty training is just unattainable for me with “J” teething like he is. I don’t think it is doing any good for me to keep pushing the potty if “J” is just going to push back. He can’t control the teething pain so he will hang onto the control of potty time.  Thus I conclude I put diapers back on him, swallow my perfectionist pride continue changing 2 sets of diapers, wait until the teeth are in, and give “J” a bit more time.


Potty training..continue or put away for a rainy day?

I have been in a bit of a conundrum. “J” has seemed to stalled in the potty training. He still tells me that he has gone, but has yet to actually go pee/poop in the potty. I still make him clean up his own accidents – now he just goes, reaches for a towel, cleans it up, and moves on. I want to pull my hair out correct him but everything/everyone says not to punish accidents.

BUT “J” does pull down his Pull-ups in the morning because it is too soaked from the night for his comfort. He does try to pull up his own underwear (kinda gets stuck halfway).

As a result, I have been venting talking to family. Do I continue or put the potties away and put “J” back in diapers until he is a bit older? OR maybe just wait until a rainy day (literally – so he would be stuck inside anyways)

My sister forwarded me this from a friend of hers that just went through potty training. The whole premise is to establish that it is the toddler’s responsibility to go on the potty themselves. You feed your kids salty foods and give them sugary drinks so they go through a lot more liquid and have more opportunities to go on the potty. You make them clean up their own accidents. And according to this mom you should be able to have your kids potty trained in one day. This sounds awesome and I want to try- but I get hung up on the fact that she says not to start until the kids are 2 1/2 years old. Does that mean I shouldn’t try because “J” isn’t even 2? Or do I try it one day and if it works great… and if it doesn’t it just goes into the bag of tricks tried?

So I am still stuck. Continue with potty training (with the new idea) or put it away and wait?


“J” is teething…BAD!

At church there is a little boy (whose family just moved here) and he is about a year younger than “J”. Since “J” was a late bloomer in the teeth department (his 1st wasn’t until 13months), this new little boy has more teeth than “J”.

Now it as if “J” decided that he needed to catch up. He is getting two upper front teeth (the ones beside the very center 2) and all 4 first molars! Yup- that is 6 teeth all sprouting out at once. Poor “J” is going around just chewing and rubbing his gums with his fingers. Orajel has been a true God-send. “J” opens his mouth so wide when he sees us get the Orajel tube out- he just knows that some pain relief is coming.

Are we getting somewhere?

Progress report for potty training since “no more diaper day”…

“J” signs to me when he goes potty, he now grabs a towel or rag from me to clean up his own (pee) accidents, will sit quietly on potty while he watches a count down on my hands, and sometimes if I watch closely and am not distracted with “E” I notice “J” giving signs of having to go potty (grabbing at underwear but not wanting to stop playing). “J” also only pees in his comfort zone (he will hold it if we are out running errands- he will either go as soon as we get home or if he can’t hold it anymore he will go in his car seat and whine the whole way home).  I think as frustrating as it is cleaning up accident after accident “J” is starting to get the whole “pee and poop coming from me” concept.

So now I have to figure out the following: how do I help “J” connect that pee and poop have to go in the potty? Or maybe if it is the pressure to perform with me sitting with him by the potty, how do I leave him to do his business but still make sure he is sitting on the potty long enough to actually do his business?  Would rubber pants really help “J” or would be using money that could be going  to something else? And it sounds funny but is it hindering potty training that “J” watches our dog squat and do her business out on the lawn? 

*SIGH* After listing out all those questions still to be answered/figured out, I am exhausted. We are getting somewhere right? I am not just doing this to drive myself towards pre-mature gray hair?

Our adventure..to no-where

My husband had Monday and today off from work. In an attempt to get out of the house (and maybe selfishly a break from cleaning up “J”s accidents all day long), we thought about driving up to Lake Tahoe late Sunday night so we would have a full Monday up there. Well, Husband didn’t get off work until 10p and so we knew it was going to be a late night of driving but Tahoe is only 3 hours away so it still was do-able. We set out. Kids were passed out and drooling  sleeping contently in the backseat. We made it to Jackson before we realized we were crazy. We tried to pull over and get a hotel room at the Indian casino there but no rooms available! SO… we head back home. Yup, home. We didn’t get home until 1:30a. We spent 3 1/2 hours driving for no reason. To top it all off- “J” woke up at 5:30a screaming because he now has two molars coming in.

How come people skip to aiming?

Does it ever occur to people that they skip learning how to potty train and go right to aiming?

Ever since I had “J” and people give us advice on potty training, they skip the part of getting him to sit on the potty to pee/poop and go right to the teaching to aim part. “I used Cheerios and it worked great” or “The floating targets” or “tell ’em to sink the battleships” (a stranger in a grocery store actually told me that one- and then felt like he had to clarify himself to me and said “by battleships I mean his poop”…yup a stranger- in a grocery store- TMI)

Is it because this is the part  that no one wants to remember? The mess, the frustrations, the battles of control.

If only kids magically went from peeing in a diaper to peeing the the toilet….well I can wish can’t I?