Adventures in potty training (part 1)

So I was reading a book from the library the other day- in the little “me time” I get after the kids go to bed-and I ending up feeling like a horrible mother. This book was suppose to help not leave me with a gut wrenching feeling that I had already messed up my kids forever! The book was called Early Start Potty Training. Its premise was to encourage American parents to start earlier than later-that other cultures have their lil’ ones trained early in infant life. It stated that based on science and research that kids start potty training as early as three months and are actually aready to be finished with potty training by a mere 21 months…not the start at 2 years old like I have always thought and seen. Come to find out, the pediatrician that first stated that parents should look for the signs that kids are ready for the potty instead of forcing them too early was actually paid by Pampers! Pampers actually paid this doctor to say this as they released their newest addition to their product line- size 5 & 6 diapers. 

So now I feel like a horrible mom cause my toddler is already 19 months old and I havent even started thinking about potty training! Needless to say, I stopped reading that book.

But the thought stuck with me. I remember it saying that often times because they have been in diapers so long, toddlers do not know where their poop and pee come from. So the authors encourage youngsters to go bare-bottomed to encourage self  exploration and understanding. I had one night that there was a half hour between dinner and bath time so I let my toddler go bare bottom (thinking that he wouldnt do anything cause it was a mere half hour). Boy was I WRONG! He promptly went behind the couch and squated and pooped! Oh, and the book also said not to scold the toddler about accidents cause they are learning and this negative feedback could hinder the learning. But MY freaking kid just pooped on my living room floor!!! I tried- as calmly as I could muster that late into the evening- to put a smile on my face, tell my toddler he had to poop in the potty not on the floor, and clean up the stinkyness that had been deposited.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in potty training (part 1)

  1. Hello! Just wanted to encourage you to not give up. 19 months is not “too late,” and all the effort you put in now will not go unrewarded.

    The very best information that i have found ( says that girls are ready starting at 18 months, and boys are ready at 20 months.

    A few months ago I jumped in with both feet with my son, then 19 1/2 months. The first several days were horrible and messy and he got pretty mad about even sitting on the potty at all, much less putting any poop or pee there.

    But I kept telling myself that this was only going to get harder, not easier, as he got closer to two. I felt it would be all right to throw in the towel for a month or two, but I saw enough signs of promise with my little guy that I didn’t see the point of picking up the battle again in a few months. (Different story with my oldest son – COMPLETELY different bladder development – but even with him we started at 22 months and never looked back.)

    Anyway, good luck to you, and know that you are not alone. Heck, just a generation or so ago, people thought it was strange for a 2yo to be in diapers.

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