Potty training (part 2)

A couple weeks ago we bought “J” a potty chair. In trying to ease “J” into training, we didn’t force the issue. We just let him explore and discover this new seat by himself. Each time I talked about the potty chair I made the sign language for toilet (form a fist- move thumb between index and middle fingers, and twist wrist in flushing-type-motion).

Saturday was D-day. Or I guess you could say no-more-D- day. That is I was going to no longer put “J” in diapers/pull-ups. I was going to put him into underwear. I told “J” that he was a big boy and that he no longer needed to wear diapers like his little baby brother. I then set up our living area in such a way that it would make for easier clean -up IF he did have an accident.

 This was going great in my head. He would be able to feel the wetness now and not like it and magically go on the potty. But as all parents know- this was not the case. 

“J” loves his cool car printed underwear, but just doesn’t care about making the pee/poop. He has been in diapers so long he has gotten used the the feeling. Goodness! I have already messed up my kid. He trully doesn’t care if he is sitting in his own poop!

So the process goes on. I keep setting him down on the potty once an hour to getting him used to sitting on it. He then goes off and pees in his underwear. 2 days into this potty training= 2 loads of dirty accident stained laundry already. Silver lining…when “J” does have his accident, he lets me know with a shaking/twisting fist. So maybe something is sinking in to that little toddler mind.

2 thoughts on “Potty training (part 2)

  1. I’m pretty sure that happy little kid is hardly scarred for life. Judging by the number of happy little 4 year olds running around “enjoying” the squish of poop in their diapers- yours is gonna be just fine 😉
    btw- increase the font size on your pic- I have good eyes (with contacts anyway) and can’t see a THING!

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