He laughed!

For those of you who haven’t experienced the absolute joy of hearing your baby laugh for the very first time –  I hope one day you get to. “E” is about 3 months now and last week the pediatrician said that he should be getting to the giggle/laughing soon. Sure enough when I was undressing “E” to get him into his bath, he laughed! For the first time in his little life he laughed. I can not even put into words how happy I was to hear that. This is what I mean when I say I love being my kids’ mommy. I get to experience these first moments with my kids.

However a twing of guilt hit me in that same moment. “J” had perfect timing in his first moments. My husband got to see “J”s first at-home bath, laugh, roll over, crawl, and step. Husband has gotten promoted since then (which is great) but his works hours also got promoted. But as much as I wish I could tell “E” to hold in his laughs till “Daddy gets home” I know with all my heart that Husband is working as hard as he is so that I get to enjoy these moments instead of babysitter or day care provider.


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