What kind of chair is it?

Our family lives in a cute townhouse/duplex that has a backyard big enough for “J” and the dog to play. I love our little home, except for one thing. A very big and crucial thing in the potty training world..A downstairs bathroom. We have two bathrooms upstairs but not one downstairs. So in the dining room we have placed “J”s potty chair (I know gross odd place – but its the only tiled area). Because I read it somewhere, we have placed his crate of books next to the potty chair for entertainment for him while he tries to relax on the potty (book’s words not mine!)
In concept this is a good idea. However 5 days into no-more-diapers, “J” has yet to go pee/poop in his potty. Instead he has decided that he only sits on the potty to get my attention to read to him. He has in his mind that this is just a new addition to our furniture collection and its purpose is to read. Maybe I should put some alphabet stickers on it to spell out “J’s reading chair”.

Last night while I was cooking dinner,”J” decided that he needed some attention from me. He proceeded to scoot the potty chair and his crate of books across the tile into the kitchen. He then picked out a book, held it out for me, and pushed on the back of my legs to get me to walk over the set up he moved. He then sat down on the potty and said “go” and pointed at the book.

So now I am in a conundrum. Do I move the books to try to end the idea that it’s a reading chair or do I leave the crate there so “J” will have books to entertain himself with WHEN he finally gives in decides to use potty as it is intended to be used?

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