Precious Moments are what get me through the day

I have always from the moment I found out I was pregnant been told by family, friends, and complete strangers that my two boys are either going to be best friends or enemies. I was hoping for the closer to best friends-for obvious reasons. So today – after a long day of cleaning up accidents “J” keeps having – I had a bright, precious moment. I was making dinner and “E” started crying from his swing. I looked over and saw that the batteries had died so he was sitting motionless. I was in the middle of kneading my dough so I didn’t have a clean set of hands to pick “E” up. Here is comes – the moment that sent moistness to my eyes – “J” walked over and started pushing the swing very gently and babbling to “E”. “E” was intrigued and quieted right down. “J” just smiled at me and kept going.
*SIGH* Those are the moments that make all the work truly worth it.


One thought on “Precious Moments are what get me through the day

  1. I’m going to go with best friends. 🙂 and after listening to sibling horror stories from moms around here it’s nice to hear about yours!

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