it does get better, right?

So I decided that the dining room truly wasn’t the best option for the potty chair. After all it was in the middle of everything and right next to the kitchen where good smelling things are suppose to come from. The move was also prompted by yet another book telling me that kids often feel embarrassed of their functions (which is encouraged by the shutting of bathroom doors for privacy by adults) so they tend to retreat to places where no one can see them doing their business. As I have mentioned in a previous entry, we have no bathroom downstairs. This puts me in between a rock and a hard place. Where do I put the potty chair that it is “private” enough but also a place that I could monitor and keep my eyes on “J” in case I have to give him praise for actually going on the potty (which STILL has not happened in the 7days into no-diapers, but who’s counting).

I made the move though. It got done. The vacuum is now in the garage, the hats/scarves/umbrellas are in the living room ottoman, and the winter coats are up in the un-used closet in “E”s room. The downstairs underneath-the-stairs closest has become a “potty room”. I even made a sign saying “J’s Potty Place”- pathetic I know. But I guess I just hope the more personal it is the more likely he will use it. The potty chair is all set up with an accident catcher blanket underneath and 4 books beside it (scaled back from the crateful we had before).

While this is an improvement, I still don’t have a single drop of pee or clump of poop in the potty- I apologize if you are eating. Today “J” literally sat on the potty for 15 minutes, was allowed to go back outside to play and promptly pooped his pants.  I know, I know- you don’t have to tell me. This is just a right of passage for any parent. And if was just “J” I would be okay. But each day that I experience this roller coaster of potty training/learning the little voice in the back of my head says, “remember you have 2 kids- you have to do this all over again in a year!”


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