How come people skip to aiming?

Does it ever occur to people that they skip learning how to potty train and go right to aiming?

Ever since I had “J” and people give us advice on potty training, they skip the part of getting him to sit on the potty to pee/poop and go right to the teaching to aim part. “I used Cheerios and it worked great” or “The floating targets” or “tell ’em to sink the battleships” (a stranger in a grocery store actually told me that one- and then felt like he had to clarify himself to me and said “by battleships I mean his poop”…yup a stranger- in a grocery store- TMI)

Is it because this is the part  that no one wants to remember? The mess, the frustrations, the battles of control.

If only kids magically went from peeing in a diaper to peeing the the toilet….well I can wish can’t I?


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