Are we getting somewhere?

Progress report for potty training since “no more diaper day”…

“J” signs to me when he goes potty, he now grabs a towel or rag from me to clean up his own (pee) accidents, will sit quietly on potty while he watches a count down on my hands, and sometimes if I watch closely and am not distracted with “E” I notice “J” giving signs of having to go potty (grabbing at underwear but not wanting to stop playing). “J” also only pees in his comfort zone (he will hold it if we are out running errands- he will either go as soon as we get home or if he can’t hold it anymore he will go in his car seat and whine the whole way home).  I think as frustrating as it is cleaning up accident after accident “J” is starting to get the whole “pee and poop coming from me” concept.

So now I have to figure out the following: how do I help “J” connect that pee and poop have to go in the potty? Or maybe if it is the pressure to perform with me sitting with him by the potty, how do I leave him to do his business but still make sure he is sitting on the potty long enough to actually do his business?  Would rubber pants really help “J” or would be using money that could be going  to something else? And it sounds funny but is it hindering potty training that “J” watches our dog squat and do her business out on the lawn? 

*SIGH* After listing out all those questions still to be answered/figured out, I am exhausted. We are getting somewhere right? I am not just doing this to drive myself towards pre-mature gray hair?


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