Potty training..continue or put away for a rainy day?

I have been in a bit of a conundrum. “J” has seemed to stalled in the potty training. He still tells me that he has gone, but has yet to actually go pee/poop in the potty. I still make him clean up his own accidents – now he just goes, reaches for a towel, cleans it up, and moves on. I want to pull my hair out correct him but everything/everyone says not to punish accidents.

BUT “J” does pull down his Pull-ups in the morning because it is too soaked from the night for his comfort. He does try to pull up his own underwear (kinda gets stuck halfway).

As a result, I have been venting talking to family. Do I continue or put the potties away and put “J” back in diapers until he is a bit older? OR maybe just wait until a rainy day (literally – so he would be stuck inside anyways)

My sister forwarded me this from a friend of hers that just went through potty training. The whole premise is to establish that it is the toddler’s responsibility to go on the potty themselves. You feed your kids salty foods and give them sugary drinks so they go through a lot more liquid and have more opportunities to go on the potty. You make them clean up their own accidents. And according to this mom you should be able to have your kids potty trained in one day. This sounds awesome and I want to try- but I get hung up on the fact that she says not to start until the kids are 2 1/2 years old. Does that mean I shouldn’t try because “J” isn’t even 2? Or do I try it one day and if it works great… and if it doesn’t it just goes into the bag of tricks tried?

So I am still stuck. Continue with potty training (with the new idea) or put it away and wait?


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