Any teeth advice?

Normally, I don’t ask for advice. When “J” was born all I wanted to do the first few days was to discover him. I wanted to learn each of “J”s cries and what fixed it. I read a couple of books but really just wanted to dive in and learn along the way. (I tried this same approach with potty training but that is still on hold)

As I have said before, “J” is teething like crazy. When I was brushing his teeth last night (with gum/tooth cleaner and wet soft toothbrush) I noticed his gums around his bottom molars started bleeding. I understand that molars are bigger therefor have more surface area pushing on the tender gums. I don’t want to make my son bleed but I also don’t want to not brush his teeth.  SO I am stuck. Any ideas on how to brush “J”s teeth without bleeding?

Also…when should “J” start going to the dentist? I have read different things like a year old (whoops if that’s the case) or preschool age or when the molars come in or when all the teeth have come in. I am thinking I should maybe start to look for a good reputable children’s dentist for “J”.


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