Toys multiply like bunnies

I have noticed that around our house the toys for the boys multiply…like bunnies. It seems like if I take my eyes of the toy corner even for a second,  when I look again there are more.

Now with three sets of grandparents, this isn’t surprising. However I have to clean up all of these toys- so multiplying isn’t exactly what I want. Back when “J” was a year old he had one small crate of toys, one small crate of books, and one toy walker. Now he still has both crates (now one is filled with just all the different  baseballs/footballs/etc. balls), but also a whole corner of our living room. Just to name a few: basketball hoop, mega blocks with wagon, pop up tunnel, mini chair, crate of stuffed animals, mini shopping cart, and (toy plastic) golf clubs.

I want my kids to understand the value of a dollar and not to be spoiled. I know my boys are still very young but I am already worried.


2 thoughts on “Toys multiply like bunnies

  1. So ditch some of it! I’d say if you hide it in a closet for a week and he doesn’t notice it’s gone, it’s ditchable. If only the same thing worked for husbands 😉

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