Meeting new mommies

At our church we have a new pastoral family who just moved here from the mid-west. They are a young couple with one young toddler and another one on the way. Mrs.Pastor is finding it hard to cope with California mommies. I will explain- California mommies tend to go to the park with their little ones and keep to themselves. This makes it hard to meet other mommies and form play groups or such. Being a California mommy, I have done this exact thing many many times. I have this fear that someone I don’t know will try to gain my trust and then take my beautiful kids from me. I know horrible but that is what runs through my head.

So Mrs. Pastor tried then to search for Mommy and Me classes or gymboree or stroller striders. She found that they were too expensive or too far away from our little agricultural valley.  The library holds story times but they tend to be geared towards older kids like 3yrs+.

We try to have play dates so our boys can interact and learn to share, but only two makes it hard. We are even talking about starting a group with the church, but are having a hard time figuring out when to plan to meet- morning (church rooms are full), afternoon (nap time for most young ones), or evening (accommodates more working moms but too late runs into dinner/bath/bed time).

Any ideas? When, what activities to do to include all different age levels, how to advertise to neighborhoods around us with minimal cost?


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