Tahoe..good, bad, and exhausting

We live about 3 hours from Lake Tahoe. It is a truly gorgeous lake. Husband wanted to get out-of-town on his day off so we decided to take a break up at Lake Tahoe. Here is the good the bad and the exhausting part of our break…

The Good: It was a great family day away from the house full of walks along the beach and paddle boat cruise.

We also had lunch with friends at a great restaurant called “Fire +Ice”. It is a cool restaurant where you get a bowl full of veggies, starches (pasta or rice), and protein (tofu, fish, chicken, etc) and a sauce of choice. It gets cooked on a big round platform. It is a good restaurant during the spring/summer/fall; but it is  AWESOME in the winter. This restaurant is at the base of the Nevada side Heavenly ski run so you can literally ski/snowboard down to it, order your warm food, and sit and eat it around the fire pits outside. Of course you can sit inside too.  It was just a good lunch with a good friend and his new wife (Congrats to the newly weds!! )- and the kids behaved themselves through the entire meal too.

The Bad: A strange hotel room for the kids to attempt to sleep in and a long drive for two little kids to endure (especially twice in a matter of 26hours)

The Exhausting: Long drive, naps during drive leading to not-tired kids at bed time, and two late nights leads to very exhausted mommy.

The cruise was in the good category except for trying to entertain a toddler on a two-hour paddle boat cruise. “J” was ready be done about half way through. He kept wanting to walk around on his own- but on a boat that just isn’t possible. To top that off- husband doesn’t like when kids get fussy or talk too loud or cry (because he thinks it interrupts other people’s experience) so he gets stressed out which makes me stressed out trying to quiet kids so I don’t have a stressed out husband on his day off.

All in all it was a good day. I am just not ready to do it again.

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