Why won’t you nap?

I tried asking “J” this today. He was content playing outside and running around with our dog- and didn’t show any signs of being the least bit tired. No rubbing eyes, no yawns, no crankiness. So I let him play..and play… and play.

It got to dinner time and… still no nap.

Then at about 6:30p as I am assembling “E”s crib, it hit. The crankiness, the eye rubbing, the yawns, the not listening/testing the limits, and worst of all the “if-I-don’t-get-my-way-I’ll-show-you” screams.

7p- the screams got worst. AND “E” starts scream crying because he has “J” screaming in his ears. Two screaming not-to-be-comforted kids. This mommy almost lost it.

7:05p- I mustered all the strength I had and got “J” into his pj’s, gave him his multi-vitamin, brushed his teeth (and saw yet another is coming in), started feeding “E” as I read “J” his book, put “E” down for the night in his bassinet, rocked “J”, and put “J” down for the night in his bed.

7:35p- I am exhausted!

Today was such a good day up until 6:30p. But in all of this, the good news is that tomorrow is a fresh day with hopefully everyone well-rested. Oh, and husband has the day off so I get help. =)


2 thoughts on “Why won’t you nap?

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