My husband is protective. Actually he is beyond protective. He likes the fact that I stay home with our little ones because then he knows who is watching them. Since “J” was born only three times has he been watched by someone outside of family. That is in 21 months only 3 times a non-family member has watched our son; and all of those 3 times were for a mere 1-2hours while I or “E” went to a doctor’s appointment.

While I understand the comfort in knowing and trusting the person watching you kids, I need a break sometimes. I need to be able to step away and just breath. Every mom knows that feeling.

I get to have a break at the end of this month. I told Husband that there is a concert that my sister invited me to go to, I want to go and the boys will be watched by my brother-in-law and his friend (who I have met multiple times and trust). I talked, prodded, explained, and re-explained that fact that the concert will be at night so all the sitters need to do is feed “J” dinner and put both boys to bed. The boys have a bedtime routine that is easily replicated. “E” sleeps through the night (no night-feedings) and “J” is just rocked, read a couple of books, and put down for the night. After an hour of explaining, husband finally agreed that I could go (not that I need permission but he is the boys’ father and therefore has equal right to voice his opinion of who watches the boys).


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