Mrs. Pastor and I were thinking of putting together a little costume party. Mostly geared to those families (ok more so moms) with small kids that are really too little to go trick-or-treating. Invite church members, fellow yoga mommies, and even maybe canvas the neighborhood around church. 

I didn’t get to dress up “J” last year because at a mere 10 months he really couldn’t do anything and we had just moved back so friends weren’t really there yet. But I am actually excited to dress up “J” and “E” if we go through with the costume party. I started looking online at the toddler costumes- and realized how expensive they can be for just one night. So I looked for costumes I could replicate with items that were either cheap or could be used in everyday life. Now we just have to decide…

Garden gnome? Mario brothers? pirate and parrot? lion? bear? tom cruise from risky business (super cute- just white diaper with white button up shirt, white socks, and black sunglasses)?


2 thoughts on “Costumes

    • Well it came down to sentimentel factor….”J” is big enough to wear the pumpkin costume that I wore back when I was a toddler. So “J” will be a pumpkin…I just picked up “E”s costume today (brand new from thrift store for only $4!) and he is going to be a bright red lobster. Maybe I will dress up “J” one day as Tom Cruise just for fun and post it

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