Costumes…and frustration

Costumes…”J” ended up being a fisherman (jacket only..rain boots caused a cry-fest so I gave up) and “E” was a lobster.

“J” wouldn’t let me get a smiling picture, so this is what I get:


And E as a cute (until the blowout that occurred in costume- not so cute): the frustration- I used to go to a mommy and me yoga class with “E” (while “J” spent some time with an aunt). I invited the mommies of that class to a costume party (dress up those who are too small to go trick/treating and have play date). Most liked the idea and even said they would go. I sent out a text message the night before reminding the invitation was still open. Day of party…no one showed up! It ended up being just my boys and Mrs.Pastor and her little one. We still had a nice time, but a bit frustrated with inviting people and having RSVPs yes and then not even getting a “sorry things came up we can’t make it” text.

Sigh. I think we are going to have to just do an open invitation to play dates and don’t put any money into it so if no one shows there is no loss.



Just have to put a shout out for my local baseball team….GO GIANTS!!!!!

We had a couple friends over since Husband was off and Giants are in the freaking World Series. The boys were sweeties and entertained with their smiles. The Giants WON one awesome game tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

My son is a boy

This may seem redundant but it needed to be said. Boys are stereotypically rougher, tougher, and grosser- tonight my son was a perfect example:

“J” was eating dinner and talking to Husband in his own toddler language, stopped mid-sentence, leaned to his side, let a fart out, and then giggled!

“J” GIGGLED at the fact that he farted (at the dinner table too). Husband broke down and laughed along. I just sat looking at “J” in disbelief and then looked over at “E” and realized I get to experience farting giggles all over again.

Picking out pumpkins…

As a family we went to go pick out pumpkins. It was so fun to see “J” getting excited about all the pumpkins- he just ran from one to another to another trying to pick them all up.

Here is “J” and Husband getting one into the wagon:

And “E” enjoying the night:

To top off the night, here is our pumpkin masterpiece:

What a pain in the you know what

I have all the adoration for my mother. I never understood how much freaking work it took to make it and she made it every year. Now I understand….Pomegranate jelly is a b***h to make. But Husband loves it and it makes good Christmas gifts so I made it.

It started with peeling/de-seeding  about 13 pomegranates (yielding 14 cups of juice filled jewels):        

Then came the squeezing the begeezes out of the seeds-two spoonfuls at a time:

yielding the gorgeous juice:

Then came slaving over standing by a hot stove to cook the jelly, sanitize the jars, and heat the lids:

Then came carefully spooning boiling hot jelly into the prepared jars (trying not to let a single delicious drop escape) …no picture because I had to get it spooned in fast while it was still hot

AH- what a pain in the you know what, but the result is awesome and brings smiles to the faces of those who receive it; so I do it.

PS- Mom- if you read this- know that YOU ARE AWESOME (and have patience beyond me because I am not doing that again!)

My title is a SAHM&W and I am proud of it

For those who don’t know, “SAHM” means Stay-At-Home-Mom. I am proud to be a part of this group of people. I get to raise my own kids the way I want them to be raised. I get to experience the joys of first moments of babyhood, the “ah-ha” moments of toddlerhood, and one day will get to be their biggest cheerleader on the sidelines of whatever sport they choose to play.

But to me there is a HUGE difference between a SAHM and a SAHM&W. A “SAHM&W” is a Stay-At-Home-Mom-&Wife. A SAHM may choose this, but then again with the economy it may be forced upon her with a job loss or crunching of daycare costs in the budget.  A SAHM&W is not only the mommy that watches the kids, but also it a wife who tries her best to make her husband happy. Now this is not meant to sound demeaning at all- in fact I am proudly a SAHM&W.  I take on this job to raise our kids, but I also want to be the best wife for my husband. If that means putting clean laundry in his drawers or making sure the frig is stocked with his favorites, I do it. I love doing it. I take pride in being a wife. I know this may seem old-fashion but that’s okay with me. I went to college (including a women’s history course) and got my bachelors degree. I would be able to work and provide if, God-forbid, anything happen to Husband. But I don’t have to work outside the home. I get to do what I absolutely love doing. I get to be a cheerleader for both my kids and my husband.

New words

Each day it seems that “J” adds more words to his vocabulary. His new favorite word is “WOW” and he says it clear as a bell.  It is so cute- everything gets a “wow” response. A baby banana snack= “wow”. The light turning on =”wow”.

But as cute as the new words are, I absolutely love it when “J” is able to put his words into small phrases. A couple of weeks ago he said “all done mom” when he had finished his lunch. This morning was awesome- “J” said “whats that mom?” and pointed to the plane in the sky.  It’s so amazing how fast he is getting new words (time to be even more SUPER SUPER careful about the words Husband and I say).

Not only are new words coming fast, but “J” has learned the true art of copy-cat. Husband or I will do something once and “J” will be right behind him doing the same thing. Perfect example is Husband bunny hopped over a toy golf club and “J” tried with all his might to bunny hop too (did the whole arm swing but then just stepped over- but he thought he was doing it perfectly with a huge smile)