Potty Chair or potty seat?

The weather here has changed to fall; lovely mid-70s. Now I am coming up with a game plan on how to re-approach potty training “J”.

Do I re-set up the chair in our closet downstairs- just till he gets the hang of it and then re-train him to go upstairs where the bathrooms are?

 OR do we camp out upstairs to use the potty seat on the toilet upstairs so he understands that he has to plan to get upstairs before going? 

OR the one that I keep going back and forth on..we are going to Disneyland in May and “J” will be just shy of 2 1/2 yrs old; so I would wait to potty train after we get back from vacation. (this is an attractive double edge sword- more months of diapers, but no last-minute potty runs when we get to the middle of a ride line)

Any suggestions? (I am still hoping for the miracle of “J” just being tired of diapers and going on the potty one day)


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