What is with people?

Caution you are entering a vent zone..there will be plenty of venting going on so read carefully…

What is with people?

When I was pregnant (both times) people- complete strangers- would come up and touch/rub my belly! COME ON PEOPLE- you would never go up to anyone and just touch them; what makes it okay to touch a pregnant belly?! Ironically I found a perfect shirt after my last pregnancy; it said “Touch the belly lose a hand”. Love it! (while I missed out- my little sister will get one as soon as I find out she is pregnant)

Now that I am done being pregnant- people coo over my boys and then ask if I am going to have another. While I understand this now that “E” is a bit bigger, but this happened the day after I had “E”! COME ON PEOPLE- I just had a baby. I want to enjoy and dwell in this baby experience. Then I get “But don’t you want a little girl?” Nope I am good. Its even more funny to me when its people who only have 1 or 2 kids themselves-why is that good enough for them but I need more?  (btw- for the grandparents out there- we are done. Two boys will keep me plenty busy. Two mommy arms + crazy daddy work hours = only two kids)

And one last vent…Common courtesy seems to be a forgotten interaction. How can a man or woman go through a bank door, see me holding a baby carrier and a toddler 6 feet away, and walk away without holding the door?! OR this one is even worse- I am managing to walk through the door,again with both kids in my arms, and the person behind me does the over exaggerated impatient sighs as they wait the few extra seconds it takes me to get through the door- oh again without offering to get the door for me!

Okay. I am done venting. But please keep this mind as you go about your days. If you see a pregnant belly- a. tread carefully to make sure it is a pregnant belly and b. don’t touch just congratulate the mommy-to-be. If you are cooing over a new baby, don’t ask when the next one is coming. And lastly, if you see anyone who might need a little help getting the door open (be it a mom or anyone else), open the freaking door for them. Common courtesy  and a smile may just make their day.


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