I gave up and just enjoyed

After nights of crying (on”J”s part and almost on my part), fighting over sleeping arrangements, and just plain tiredness I have given up! I have been fighting with “J” at night to get him to sleep in his own bed. I have made excuses why he might like our bed better than his- but he honestly has always been allowed in our bed from day one.

“J” was a couple of weeks early so he hated being on his back and would only sleep if he was curled up on either Husband’s or my chest. We traveled a bit when he was young and so having him in the bed with me allowed me to not wake others in the room/be discreet with mid-night feedings.

When “J” was about a year old, we made him cry it out and he slept through the night in his crib. We moved houses, had “E”, converted “J”s crib into a toddler bed, and “J” started teething all within a very short time frame- as a comfort with all the changes we again allowed “J” into our bed for cuddles.

Now at nearly 2 years old, “J” just loves being in our bed. He likes to cuddle like crazy (and also kick mid-sleep). He will go down to sleep in his own bed around 8:30pm but will awaken in the middle of the night. And this is when the crying/fighting/sleeplessness happens.

SO I talked to the pediatrician and looked online for other moms-of-toddlers experiences/advice….and I have resolved myself. Husband doesn’t care if “J” is in our bed- honestly he likes it…because of his crazy work hours this is part of the little bits of time he gets to cuddle/play/talk to “J”…and we all get better sleep if we aren’t fighting/crying. Therefore I am going to stop the battle, let “J” cuddle, and just enjoy the toddler-cuddle-love while I can before he grows up (and no longer wants to give me hugs because it ruins his tough-guy-teenager image-lol). I figure he will sleep in his own bed when he is ready.


3 thoughts on “I gave up and just enjoyed

  1. If it makes you feel better, and it should 😉 there are groups of people who share their bed/bedroom with kids til puberty. WEIRD. I think 2 years old is totally ok 🙂

    • OH no- that definitely will not be us. I draw the line at school age. I drew the line for pacifier when “J” was old enough to walk and stuck to that. My line for this is when “J” is asking friends to come over, he is big enough to be in his own bed all night.

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