New words

Each day it seems that “J” adds more words to his vocabulary. His new favorite word is “WOW” and he says it clear as a bell.  It is so cute- everything gets a “wow” response. A baby banana snack= “wow”. The light turning on =”wow”.

But as cute as the new words are, I absolutely love it when “J” is able to put his words into small phrases. A couple of weeks ago he said “all done mom” when he had finished his lunch. This morning was awesome- “J” said “whats that mom?” and pointed to the plane in the sky.  It’s so amazing how fast he is getting new words (time to be even more SUPER SUPER careful about the words Husband and I say).

Not only are new words coming fast, but “J” has learned the true art of copy-cat. Husband or I will do something once and “J” will be right behind him doing the same thing. Perfect example is Husband bunny hopped over a toy golf club and “J” tried with all his might to bunny hop too (did the whole arm swing but then just stepped over- but he thought he was doing it perfectly with a huge smile)


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