My title is a SAHM&W and I am proud of it

For those who don’t know, “SAHM” means Stay-At-Home-Mom. I am proud to be a part of this group of people. I get to raise my own kids the way I want them to be raised. I get to experience the joys of first moments of babyhood, the “ah-ha” moments of toddlerhood, and one day will get to be their biggest cheerleader on the sidelines of whatever sport they choose to play.

But to me there is a HUGE difference between a SAHM and a SAHM&W. A “SAHM&W” is a Stay-At-Home-Mom-&Wife. A SAHM may choose this, but then again with the economy it may be forced upon her with a job loss or crunching of daycare costs in the budget.  A SAHM&W is not only the mommy that watches the kids, but also it a wife who tries her best to make her husband happy. Now this is not meant to sound demeaning at all- in fact I am proudly a SAHM&W.  I take on this job to raise our kids, but I also want to be the best wife for my husband. If that means putting clean laundry in his drawers or making sure the frig is stocked with his favorites, I do it. I love doing it. I take pride in being a wife. I know this may seem old-fashion but that’s okay with me. I went to college (including a women’s history course) and got my bachelors degree. I would be able to work and provide if, God-forbid, anything happen to Husband. But I don’t have to work outside the home. I get to do what I absolutely love doing. I get to be a cheerleader for both my kids and my husband.


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