What a pain in the you know what

I have all the adoration for my mother. I never understood how much freaking work it took to make it and she made it every year. Now I understand….Pomegranate jelly is a b***h to make. But Husband loves it and it makes good Christmas gifts so I made it.

It started with peeling/de-seeding  about 13 pomegranates (yielding 14 cups of juice filled jewels):        

Then came the squeezing the begeezes out of the seeds-two spoonfuls at a time:

yielding the gorgeous juice:

Then came slaving over standing by a hot stove to cook the jelly, sanitize the jars, and heat the lids:

Then came carefully spooning boiling hot jelly into the prepared jars (trying not to let a single delicious drop escape) …no picture because I had to get it spooned in fast while it was still hot

AH- what a pain in the you know what, but the result is awesome and brings smiles to the faces of those who receive it; so I do it.

PS- Mom- if you read this- know that YOU ARE AWESOME (and have patience beyond me because I am not doing that again!)


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