Costumes…and frustration

Costumes…”J” ended up being a fisherman (jacket only..rain boots caused a cry-fest so I gave up) and “E” was a lobster.

“J” wouldn’t let me get a smiling picture, so this is what I get:


And E as a cute (until the blowout that occurred in costume- not so cute): the frustration- I used to go to a mommy and me yoga class with “E” (while “J” spent some time with an aunt). I invited the mommies of that class to a costume party (dress up those who are too small to go trick/treating and have play date). Most liked the idea and even said they would go. I sent out a text message the night before reminding the invitation was still open. Day of party…no one showed up! It ended up being just my boys and Mrs.Pastor and her little one. We still had a nice time, but a bit frustrated with inviting people and having RSVPs yes and then not even getting a “sorry things came up we can’t make it” text.

Sigh. I think we are going to have to just do an open invitation to play dates and don’t put any money into it so if no one shows there is no loss.


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