Disneyland here we come!

Husband and I are getting super excited about our vacation that is coming up. This is a first for us. As a salesperson, we rarely took vacation because that meant lost commission income. Since Husband got his promotion 6 months ago, he has accrued 2 weeks a year vacation (part of his base salary too!). SO this means we can afford a vacation.

We have decided to go to Disneyland for 2 1/2 days (the 1/2 day is mostly for a night-time show after 8 hours of driving). I am especially excited about this because the park with be in the holiday decorations and my sister will also get to join us for one of the days.  We then will go over to Las Vegas for 2 days. Yes, Vegas with kids. We are mostly going because Husband has never been and will most likely entail a lot of walking/shopping/visiting the Hoover Dam. 

I am excited to be able to have so much time with Husband. This being said, my posts will be less consistent as I plan out the budget, do laundry, pack the whole family up for a week, get the dog her shots, manage to get dog to kennel with two kids in tow, and then enjoying vacation. Pics will follow after vacation.

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