I finished watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear- Mommy Edition”. I would love to be able to do as they suggest and wear the “easy breezy cotton jersey dress”…but then came down to the realization that being a SAHM with a toddler and baby, that kind of dress would only be do-able on the days I am not at home or when both boys are much older. A dress is not ideal for being down on the ground playing legos with “J” or tickling “E”s belly. This being said I have taken a look at my wordrobe and I am stuck in a rut- a big fat rut. Jeans (not mom-up-past-your-belly-button-jeans- usually mid rise Levis or sweetheart cut Old Navy), a t-shirt or sweater over a nursing cami. That’s it. On Sundays I might get to wear dress pants and a nicer shirt, but that is for church and afterwards I come home and change into my rut-driven clothes. On my feet aren’t heels- that’s too hard to balance with baby on hip, too far to reach for “J”s hand to guide through parking lot, and just plain annoying in trying to get through a grocery store line. Instead I wear Nike tennis shoes or simple black ballet flats- easy to run quickly after a stray toddler and slip off the moment I walk through the door in some attempt to keep carpet cleaner for learning to crawl “E”.

I guess all I can do now if enjoy all the moments with my babies and hope that I will be able to climb out of this rut when my boys are older, I am not on the floor playing, and can actually try on clothes without being rushed by crying or impatient children. (here’s hoping I don’t need to be on “What Not to Wear”- though five grand would be nice to shop with)


One thought on “Mommy-wear

  1. Cotton Jersey? better in theory than reality. And your sister has an awesome jean/t-shirt/converse rut going as well. Perhaps we should ask for a sister makeover. It’d be fun 😉

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