It should be prunes….

This will embarrass “E” in the future just based on the pure fact that I am writing about his poop….

A few days ago, “E” was having a really hard time pooping. I would change one diaper and there would be one tiny little poop about the size of his big toe (so really small). The next had about the same amount and so did the next. Finally after 3 diapers with these small poops, Husband and I decided that we needed to help “E” with the process. We did NOT want to go the rectal thermometer route (ie- gross to even think about doing, let alone actually doing it).  So I decided to go with prunes. I took a couple of prunes and pureed them with a bit of water. “E” ate about half of the puree!

So this is where the song should be changed to prunes…Husband’s song adaptation for “E” after he ate the prunes and then proceeded to have- count them 2 blow out diaper changes (both of which Husband just laughed and didn’t offer to help me change!)…”Prunes,prunes, the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you poop. The more you poop the better your tummy feels. “E” should eat prunes with every meal!”


Sleep in your own bed…

So, as I have mentioned in the past posts, we are still debating in whether we should push “J” to sleep in his own bed or if we should just let him (the child) decide when he wants to have his own bed. I have been reading books (some lent from friends- and some from library) to get opinions on all the different ways to deal with this and to get ideas on how to form a plan of action. Based on past experiences, the cry-it-out method works but makes us feel horrible. “J” does a stage 5 cling when we go to check on him-so that method is just not going to work now.

Two other books that I have read mention a use of a ‘lovey’ or something like a blanket/stuffed animal that you wear around for a day or two to carry your ‘mom scent’. The child then has this ‘lovey’ with your scent which gives him/her security when you’re not there. We didn’t try this before- honestly with the absolute fear that it would be lost and have to deal with a toddler meltdown. Now in reconsideration, with how much “J” cuddles me at night, this might be a good idea.

That being said- I think this will be our new plan of action. “J” will get his full size bed; we will have playtime in his room during the day; we then will form a new bedtime routine of bath, book reading, and cuddles in the big bed; and he can fall asleep with mommy but have the ‘lovey’ as night-time comfort; also contemplating a very small aquarium for the boys’ room for white noise.

Once we have the sleep situation figured out and everyone is comfortable with that-I will restart the potty training. One thing at a time.

Baby food

I am doing my best to make sure that I am setting my boys up for healthy eating. I try to make my own baby food so I know what is in it. Vegetables and fruits are easy enough to steam or roast or poach to make them soft enough to puree down to baby-gum-mashable bits.

The pediatrician said to “squeeze extra inches of height” out of “E” we need to feed him protein and carbs to build bone and muscles to support the height.  That being said- I can’t figure out how to get the texture right or getting the meat into baby-gum-manageable form. So I broke down/gave in- I bought baby food in order to get the turkey, chicken, and beef.

And “E” loved the Gerber Beef  and Vegetables:

Am I cheating?

I have been absolutely lazy this Christmas with gifts for my family…well immediate family. “E” has a ton of toys and clothes from “J”. “J” has grandparents and gets toys pretty regularly during the year. And this is where I think I might be cheating…they are not going to remember if they got that new toy or not cause they are so young- so why buy it? Most of the memories kids have of this young is just based on photos. I take a few photos of the kids by presents/opening the couple presents and in their Christmas PJs. I know I will have to get my act in gear next year, as “J” will be 3 and will start to remember what Christmas entails.

So, I ask again…Am I cheating by not buying a bunch of toys and candy for my boys because they are simply too young to remember?

My crazy dog

We have a cute dog (her name is Pippy) who is amazing with the kids. Husband worked with her when she was a puppy- playing with her food as she ate to teach not to snap; pulling on her ears,legs, and tail to prevent biting; and so on. We listened to the vet and bought a laser who said that is a good activity that dogs (and cats) love and chase.

Well…we now have a crazy dog. Pippy is a usually calm dog- but when there is a circle of light, laser, a light reflection, or anything like that she becomes a crazy body-twitching light chaser.  Pippy once was so focuses on a light reflection that she literally chewed a hole through the dry wall (and the only reason she stopped chewing was due to me yelling at her and putting her outside!)

“J” has a light sword that creates a circle of color lights which to “J”s delight Pippy goes crazy over. They will run down the hallway together (“J” laughing and Pippy barking). It is cute most of the time except when Pippy is so focused on the light that he knocks “J” over-which I worry about,but “J” is tough and just laughs and gets up.

Baby weight

Any mommy (unless the woman is freakish- and then I don’t want to know her cause that’s just not fair) will tell you that baby weight is a battle. When you are pregnant- moms, grandmas, and even strangers will tell you its ok to eat more because “you’re eating for two”. I think this is a subconscious way of trying to make you gain more weight so you become the “cute round pregnant woman”.  After the baby is born, there is the fat. The fat your body created and stored around the baby for cushioning, hormone production, and just because you ate more than you should have. Unless you are paid to look good, the new baby consumes your attention and sleep creating little time or energy for working out.

I say all this- not to poop in any pregnant woman’s wheaties- but because I know. I have been there and I am doing that.  Give you an idea of my person battle: after “J” was born I was able to get back down to 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight (miracle!) However, as soon as I got down to that I found out I was pregnant with “E”. “E” was a big baby. At my bellybutton two days before he was born, I was 47.5 inches (a stupid half-inch off of being 4 FEET AROUND!!!). “E” was 9 1/2 pounds when he was born…so a big baby (so while I was only carrying one- my pregnant belly and his weight was like having twins).

I have been able to lose about 75% of my pregnancy weight just by watching what I eat. The rest is going to have to come from working out. My battle starts not only to lose the weight, but to gain the health and energy to continue to stay active in my kids lives for a long long time.