Attempt again? Or procrastinate longer?

I have been lazy busywith planning vacation, then thanksgiving came, and now I am using every free moment to work on Christmas gifts (a lot of homemade goodies- due to my total lack of wanting to endure crazy shoppers/parking lots/lines with two kids). 

However that being said, “J” will be 2 later this month so I really shouldn’t put it off much longer. sigh.

I am talking about the dreaded potty training. The pediatrician told me that I should put Husband in charge of it since “J” would learn better/faster by having a male role model. I would LOVE to be able to do this, but with Husband’s crazy work hours that just isn’t my reality. “J” has in fact shown signs that he is more ready. For example, he will undress himself for bathtime with little assistance. Another example-though gross- he has taken off his diaper that has been pooped in and will bring it to me with the cutest scrunched up “smelly” nose…which looks a little like this:

So I go into the debate again to wait or just start already. I am leaning towards starting in January after all the holiday hoopla when daily schedule can be more regular.

ps- grandparents… “E” is now army crawling/inch worming his way now. He will spot something a bit away and will scoot himself over to it. He is also about 90% sitting up on his own (he does ok until he gets excited- he kicks his legs in excitement and it causes a fall over) Now life gets all the more interesting with two kids on the move!

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