Vacation was a success

I am not going to lie…I was nervous. I was scared honestly. Was “J” going to do good with waiting in line? Was he going to be the screaming kid that doesn’t want to get off the rides? Or would he be hysterically crying because he was so scared of the giant characters walking around?

Well…vacation was a success! “J” loved Disneyland. His mouth was wide open in awe and his favorite word to say was “wow”.  He actually ran up to Pluto and Tigger and gave them hugs and couldn’t get enough. Since it was November, lines were no more than 20/30min. “J” was patient in most of the lines (unless hunger issues crept up). He even tried to close the doors on the cars after the ride finished (so polite!) The getting to the rides was the biggest issue- “J” wanted to walk all by himself with no hand holding or head guiding, but didn’t know where he had to go.

Here is a picture of all of us in front of giant Christmas tree on Main Street:

We finished out the week at Pismo Beach instead of Vegas. We just relaxed in the ocean view hotel. “J” loved running on the sandy beach and sending the little birds scurrying. “E” loved being in the carrier and having the one on one time with Husband and myself.

We had so much fun. We are hoping to go again in 2 years when “E” is big enough to enjoy the rides (still “under 3 free”)  and also the CARSworld of California adventure will be finished then too.


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