I feel like a big huge faker!

Earlier I mentioned here that I am debating starting potty training again. I actually checked a book from the library on hosting a “potty party” for your toddler to potty train in one day. The basic concept is to have a whole day of just one-on-one time with your toddler that is just focused on going to the potty on the big boy potty chair. The morning starts with a present for your son that is a wetting doll (it actually wets itself). Then you spend the whole morning with your son teaching the doll how to sit on the potty chair, keep dry, and practicing the potty sit if there is an accident. You play games, read potty focused books, watch potty focused movies, and just keep teaching the doll how to go on the big boy potty chair. After lunch you then change over to the toddler and say that if dolly can get it you can too. The author puts it as you must have as much enthusiasm about every step as if you were loaded on 4 pots of coffee and a pound of sugar. The toddler eats up all the one-on-one attention, learns by teaching the dolly, and then gets plenty of to practice going on the potty chair the rest of the afternoon.
Now this is all great, 1st- I have “E” with me also so the one-on-one attention is hard to give (as much as I would love to), 2nd- the book says to plays games and that while the toddler is on the potty- which is great except for “J” is still a bit to young for the recommended games like ‘I spy with my little eye’ or role play; and 3rd- I feel like I would a big huge faker to my son. I can’t comprehend faking that much enthusiasm about a freaking doll staying dry, or wetting in a potty, or that.

SO now I debate this…do I wait until “J” is a bit older? OR do I push it onto Husband on one of his days off (after all it is only one day) cause “J” would LOVE the one-on-one attention from Husband and it would be the same-sex role model? OR do I just suck it up and start going through the steps with “J” but don’t push to hard?

I really don’t want to set us up to fail or go through a power struggle or become stressed out. Now, I truly know why so many parents just block out this memory. This is one of the worst parts of parenthood. It affects the child for the rest of his life and as a parents you don’t want to mess it up.

Sigh- seriously, God, why couldn’t you create the human to just magically switch from diapers to using the potty, wiping everything correctly, washing hands effectively, and leaving the lid down when finished? Just a thought.


4 thoughts on “I feel like a big huge faker!

  1. i feel your pain. i looked at that technique with my daughter, and i started following it, but quickly abandoned it. not that there was anything wrong with it, it didn’t hold MY interest LOL. and now toilet training a boy is a totally different ball of wax.

    • Thanks- we are having a struggle of what is realistic for our life and the whole over the top acting just doesn’t fit us. I guess I just hope that we don’t “ruin” J- but isn’t that what every parent worries about. LOL

      • true.. all parents worry about ruining their children LOL.. i waited with my son until he was nearly 3. my daughter was done around 2. but my son is doing really well with it, i think because we didn’t push it too early. not only do they have to be ready, but you have to be ready to be on call, stay within a three foot radius of them and stay home for an entire week, minimum… took me longer to be ready for that than him LOL

      • I struggle with that staying “on call” thing. With having to think about getting “J” to potty every hour to practice or go and remembering “E”s feeding/weaning schedule, I just have to convince myself to actually do it. I know “J” is starting to be more ready than me- he told me that his Winnie the Pooh was dirty-even though Pooh wasn’t even wearing a diaper!

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