Last minute with kids

Last minute things or changes is hard with kids. When I would like to go somewhere (like mommies night out with girls), it is hard enough finding someone to watch 2 small kids that Husband is okay with. It is even harder when you don’t live close to any parents (kids’ grandparents). My parents live in Nebraska, one set of in-laws live in Alabama, and the other set of in-laws live in Washington.

Plan of tonight- babysitter would watch “J” for an hour or two so I could go to a ladies Christmas party. “E” would come with me since many of the ladies at this party are grandmother-age and love getting their baby-fixes by holding “E”. One hour before I planned on leaving for the party- babysitter calls sick. Husband is still at work until after the party is over. No grandparents around to pinch-sit. No other babysitter available this short notice. That leaves me home…again. Now don’t get me wrong- I LOVE being home with my kids. But sometimes it is nice just to be able to take a short break.

So I as I finish this post, I am off to change out of party clothes, give the kids a bath, read a couple of books, and put them to bed. Maybe they will go to sleep on time and give me a break then? (well I can hope.)


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