I have been talking about “J” a bit and our sleeping arrangements. Because he has been in our bed, having a set bedtime has been hard to do. If “J” falls asleep during the afternoon I have found that he is still bouncing off the walls be the time 8:30/9p rolls around. I had been giving baths at 7p, followed by reading a couple of books, and then laying down around 8p for quiet time to fall asleep.  While this schedule did work, I started noticing that “J” always seemed to fall sleep in his car seat if out on errands or get cranky and fall asleep  on the couch around 3p-which created the late bedtime/nap cycle all over again.

So I decided a few days ago to try something new. If it didn’t work it was only a couple of days wasted. Day 1 (Thursday)- instead of letting “J” fall asleep on couch, I entertained him with every game, coloring book, and silly song/dance I could think of in attempt to push through the afternoon crankiness. We had dinner an hour earlier (5p); followed by baths and booktime. We had pj’s on and settled down into bed for cuddles to sleep by 6:45p. Both boys were asleep by 7p.

Day 2- Both boys were up at 7a. “J” didn’t act tired or cranky mid-afternoon! Dinner was again early at 5p. And again both boys were asleep by 7:25p.

Today was day3- The morning started a bit earlier (6:30a), but the day went smoothly with no afternoon crankiness. As I write this at 7:30p, both boys are sleeping. It is honestly nice to see that “J” and I don’t have to get in meaningless fights due to afternoon crankies.


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