Baby weight

Any mommy (unless the woman is freakish- and then I don’t want to know her cause that’s just not fair) will tell you that baby weight is a battle. When you are pregnant- moms, grandmas, and even strangers will tell you its ok to eat more because “you’re eating for two”. I think this is a subconscious way of trying to make you gain more weight so you become the “cute round pregnant woman”.  After the baby is born, there is the fat. The fat your body created and stored around the baby for cushioning, hormone production, and just because you ate more than you should have. Unless you are paid to look good, the new baby consumes your attention and sleep creating little time or energy for working out.

I say all this- not to poop in any pregnant woman’s wheaties- but because I know. I have been there and I am doing that.  Give you an idea of my person battle: after “J” was born I was able to get back down to 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight (miracle!) However, as soon as I got down to that I found out I was pregnant with “E”. “E” was a big baby. At my bellybutton two days before he was born, I was 47.5 inches (a stupid half-inch off of being 4 FEET AROUND!!!). “E” was 9 1/2 pounds when he was born…so a big baby (so while I was only carrying one- my pregnant belly and his weight was like having twins).

I have been able to lose about 75% of my pregnancy weight just by watching what I eat. The rest is going to have to come from working out. My battle starts not only to lose the weight, but to gain the health and energy to continue to stay active in my kids lives for a long long time.


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