My crazy dog

We have a cute dog (her name is Pippy) who is amazing with the kids. Husband worked with her when she was a puppy- playing with her food as she ate to teach not to snap; pulling on her ears,legs, and tail to prevent biting; and so on. We listened to the vet and bought a laser who said that is a good activity that dogs (and cats) love and chase.

Well…we now have a crazy dog. Pippy is a usually calm dog- but when there is a circle of light, laser, a light reflection, or anything like that she becomes a crazy body-twitching light chaser.  Pippy once was so focuses on a light reflection that she literally chewed a hole through the dry wall (and the only reason she stopped chewing was due to me yelling at her and putting her outside!)

“J” has a light sword that creates a circle of color lights which to “J”s delight Pippy goes crazy over. They will run down the hallway together (“J” laughing and Pippy barking). It is cute most of the time except when Pippy is so focused on the light that he knocks “J” over-which I worry about,but “J” is tough and just laughs and gets up.


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