Sleep in your own bed…

So, as I have mentioned in the past posts, we are still debating in whether we should push “J” to sleep in his own bed or if we should just let him (the child) decide when he wants to have his own bed. I have been reading books (some lent from friends- and some from library) to get opinions on all the different ways to deal with this and to get ideas on how to form a plan of action. Based on past experiences, the cry-it-out method works but makes us feel horrible. “J” does a stage 5 cling when we go to check on him-so that method is just not going to work now.

Two other books that I have read mention a use of a ‘lovey’ or something like a blanket/stuffed animal that you wear around for a day or two to carry your ‘mom scent’. The child then has this ‘lovey’ with your scent which gives him/her security when you’re not there. We didn’t try this before- honestly with the absolute fear that it would be lost and have to deal with a toddler meltdown. Now in reconsideration, with how much “J” cuddles me at night, this might be a good idea.

That being said- I think this will be our new plan of action. “J” will get his full size bed; we will have playtime in his room during the day; we then will form a new bedtime routine of bath, book reading, and cuddles in the big bed; and he can fall asleep with mommy but have the ‘lovey’ as night-time comfort; also contemplating a very small aquarium for the boys’ room for white noise.

Once we have the sleep situation figured out and everyone is comfortable with that-I will restart the potty training. One thing at a time.


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