It should be prunes….

This will embarrass “E” in the future just based on the pure fact that I am writing about his poop….

A few days ago, “E” was having a really hard time pooping. I would change one diaper and there would be one tiny little poop about the size of his big toe (so really small). The next had about the same amount and so did the next. Finally after 3 diapers with these small poops, Husband and I decided that we needed to help “E” with the process. We did NOT want to go the rectal thermometer route (ie- gross to even think about doing, let alone actually doing it).  So I decided to go with prunes. I took a couple of prunes and pureed them with a bit of water. “E” ate about half of the puree!

So this is where the song should be changed to prunes…Husband’s song adaptation for “E” after he ate the prunes and then proceeded to have- count them 2 blow out diaper changes (both of which Husband just laughed and didn’t offer to help me change!)…”Prunes,prunes, the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you poop. The more you poop the better your tummy feels. “E” should eat prunes with every meal!”


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