I am irritated. I am annoyed. I just don’t understand it. Why do people think so much less of a woman if she decides to be a stay-at-home-mom? Like she “gave up”. Some people give more respect to those who do one of the many jobs that a SAHM does.

Career versus SAHM

Nanny- watch someone elses kids, monitor their activities, etc. SAHM- does all that AND neighbors think she should be available to pick up their kids too.

Housekeeper- clean up and keep house in presentable shape. SAHM- do all this plus “nanny job”

Chef- create healthy, flavorful meals. SAHM- make meals on a budget that are healthy, flavorful, AND please all members of the family plus “nanny & housekeeper jobs”

pediatrician- treat sick kids (I know that’s not all but makes my point). SAHM- take care of ‘boo-boos’ and comfort all the sick kids (and sick husband) while possibly being sick herself plus “nanny, housekeeper, & chef jobs”

A SAHM does all of these jobs in one day, doesn’t get to ‘clock-out’/is always on-call, and has to justify her decision to stay home. Why can’t a mommy be respected for all the jobs she does during the day without being degraded or asked when she will return to a “real” career?


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