To cloth or not to cloth?

Please don’t get upset but I see my percentage of disposable diapers such a minor amount that I don’t feel guilty using them. However, I have and continue to contemplate using cloth diapers. Not for the environmental aspect- as I would have to laundry more often- but for the budget and wishing-upon-all-wishes-potty training aspect.

I have been doing research, emailing other mom’s who I have seen using the, and “excel”ing my way through cost effectiveness. Majority of cloth diapers referred to me by mom’s are about $17-$20 each. With two boys and having enough to only do laundry every three days, I figure I would need 40-50 diapers. That is A LOT of money.  I found some reviewed higher than the $18 brand for only $11each. That is slightly more cost-effective.  Cost would be about equal to 9 months of disposable.

I don’t know what to do. Do I dive into a huge investment of time and money and force myself to like my choice? Or do I buy a few (maybe enough for like 3 days for J) and do a test run?


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