Just go to sleep…

When I was pregnant, many people warned that I shouldn’t create the “total silence” for kids to sleep in. Life isn’t that way. A cousin of mine, when she was little, used to yell at her parents from the top of the stairs for them to be quiet so she could sleep. I vowed that I was NOT going to have any kid of mine do this.

So my kids are the ones that will fall asleep pretty much anywhere and sleep through pretty much anything. Both “J” and “E” can sleep through the others cries and our dog’s barking (unless it is right in their ear). Both can fall asleep in the car- which has made car trips and vacations easier. When “J” was about 1 years old, he was “that kid” who was able to fall asleep in the midst of bright lights and yelling fans at a Friday night football game. 

Yet, we are having this predicament of “J” not being able to sleep and stay asleep in his own bed through the whole night. Sigh.


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