We made progress yesterday. We finally set up “E”s crib (he has currently been in a bassinet next to our bed). This means he will move to his own room/bed very soon- which is good because when the dog wakes me to let her outside, she also tends to wake him up way too early.

We also got “J”s room set up aside from the bed (we still have to get the mattress figured out). I moved the oversized living room chair upstairs to “J”s room and set up a little reading corner. A trip to PetCo ended with a 14 gallon tank  and a few fish for white noise and entertainment.  I will start with the new routine of bath for both, putting “E” to bed, then reading and cuddle time with “J” before he gets put to bed. I know it might take a few tense nights, but I vowed to myself not to let crying go on for more than 5 minutes a time and the blanket “lovey” will continue to be available for hopeful acceptance. I know we will all be better in the long run.


One thought on “Progress

  1. i remember that stage. almost three years ago for me now.. i loved having my son sleep in our room in his basinette, but i remember wanting my room back too.. my daughter was 5 when my son was born, hubby and i would divide and conquer LOL.. taking turns with the kids.. thank goodness we didn’t have more than two

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