Should I be worried?

“J” talks a lot. He chats to me in the kitchen, squeals with delight when the dog takes the treat nicely from his hand, and informs “E” about how to correctly use all the toys. BUT about 50% of it is still ‘baby talk’.  He does a combination of ‘baby talk’, signs, sounds, and words. If you ask “J” about an elephant- instead of saying elephant or any derivative of that- he will put his hand up to his nose like a trunk and give a little sound. “J” will give lion roars and car/truck vrooms. And of course there are the necessary words for a day in the life of a toddler- mom, dad, ball, juice, and nana(banana).

“J” is a wonderfully smart kid- that understands simple commands, makes me laugh everyday, and can’t get enough of his brother (unless “E” is trying to play with the wrong toy).

So I ask again…should I be worried that he isn’t saying more clear adult words, or doesn’t know his letters or numbers yet, or should I just assume that he will get it when he gets it?


6 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

    • LOL- I was just going nuts today with him repeating the same word. Anytime ‘J’ saw a cup he would say “juice”. I would get him his cup full of juice/water and he would just stand there in the middle of the kitchen showing me the glass I just filled and saying “juice”- over…and over…and over.

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