Will attempt again…soon

I have decided that “J” is more ready than I am for potty training. “J” went into ottoman in living where we store the diapers and wipes- got the wipes and a new diaper, brought it to me, and laid down in front of me for me to change him out of a poopy diaper. I think that was a sign that he is ready to stay clean- which is so crucial for potty training. “J” also will pretty much undress himself for bathtime, so I know the motor skills are almost there too.

I am ready for one less set of diapers to change, however I really do not know if I am ready for the on-call, which park has the cleanest/closest bathrooms, where each store’s bathrooms are, and road trips taking FOREVER due to potty stops more often. And with a trip to Texas to see my sister in February, I think I will wait a bit longer. But then after the trip, I have told myself that I should stay home and focus on just potty training.


2 thoughts on “Will attempt again…soon

  1. LOL my daughter was pee trained really early.. but pooping was a whole other story. she would go upstairs, strip, put on a pullup, poop and then come to me to change her. LOL.. she refused to poop in the potty..

    it does sound like your son is ready. do you pack a potty when you do road trips? saves on having to find a bathroom, even at the park.. keep paper towel and wipes to clean it out.

    the stay home and potty train was painful, but thankfully (relatively) quick. i hope it goes well 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip- we actually have two potty chairs in the house, so putting one in my car would be easy. I hope with all the readiness signs that “J” is showing that potty training will go relatively quickly and easily now. I just keep hoping that it will go smoothly and there won’t be a power struggle.

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