Am I just setting myself up?

I am planning a trip to Texas to visit my sister and brother-in-law. Am I setting myself up for a day filled with crying, toddler tantrums, and all out stress?

I have decided to brave airports, car rentals, and hotels with both boys…by myself. Husband has limited vacation time, so he can’t really take the time off to join me. I used to be a frequent flyer, so I know the whole check-in, load, get off, wait for bags, etc of flying. I even flew three separate trips with “J” in his first year. He was an amazing flyer- pretty much fell right to sleep as soon as the plane took off.

BUT now with two kids, I am kinda worried. I really hope that “J” is still a good flyer- doesn’t have to fall asleep, but at least no tantrum would be nice. And “E” has never flown so I really do not know what to expect of him.  I am already trying to plan out my day to try to get it to go as smoothly as I can.

I can already imagine the various looks from strangers I am going to get! The dirty ones and eye-rolling from those who didn’t have kids and don’t understand how hard it is to wrangle backpacks full of toys and coloring books, strollers, shoes, and everything else that has to get pushed through the security check point while making sure no kids get left behind. The sympathetic ones from those moms who have been there done that and know the stress. And of course those looks that are indescribable from people when they realize that their assigned seat for the 5 hour plane ride is next to two kids. Or the ones I hate the most  are the ones that seem to say “your their mom- you should know how to shut them up” (yet the look wouldn’t be given if it was the dad).

Despite all these looks, I want to visit my family and will fly across the country to see them. I just pray that this trip will go smoothly so I will want to actually do it all over again.


4 thoughts on “Am I just setting myself up?

  1. Good luck with the trip! I have the same concern with my little one, but I’m a frequent traveler as well so I have no choice but to bring the kid along.

    • Thanks! I am little bit worried but know if I want my kids to know their extended family I will have to brave flying sooner or later. (in-laws in AL and WA, my family in TX and NE)

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