Brotherly Love

When we first found out that we were having “E”, we were told by many people that we better watch out for jealousy from “J”. While this did run through my mind quite often in the first few months, “J” never really showed jealousy towards “E”. He was the biggest helper that a younger toddler could be.

Now, as “E” is getting bigger, moving around more, and reaching for toys. This has not dampened the brotherly love. In fact it has only strengthened. I used to use my body to separate “J” from “E” while I nursed. If I do that anymore, “J” throws a fit that he doesn’t get to lay next to his brother!

This was how Husband and I enjoyed our morning with the kids the other day….not one hint of jealousy is there:



A day in life of J

J likes to take my camera to make the crazy dog chase the flash take pictures. Yesterday, J managed to actually get some good pictures- not just his usual blurry or ceiling shots.

So I present to you- a day in the afternoon life of J:



I am irritated. I am annoyed. I just don’t understand it. Why do people think so much less of a woman if she decides to be a stay-at-home-mom? Like she “gave up”. Some people give more respect to those who do one of the many jobs that a SAHM does.

Career versus SAHM

Nanny- watch someone elses kids, monitor their activities, etc. SAHM- does all that AND neighbors think she should be available to pick up their kids too.

Housekeeper- clean up and keep house in presentable shape. SAHM- do all this plus “nanny job”

Chef- create healthy, flavorful meals. SAHM- make meals on a budget that are healthy, flavorful, AND please all members of the family plus “nanny & housekeeper jobs”

pediatrician- treat sick kids (I know that’s not all but makes my point). SAHM- take care of ‘boo-boos’ and comfort all the sick kids (and sick husband) while possibly being sick herself plus “nanny, housekeeper, & chef jobs”

A SAHM does all of these jobs in one day, doesn’t get to ‘clock-out’/is always on-call, and has to justify her decision to stay home. Why can’t a mommy be respected for all the jobs she does during the day without being degraded or asked when she will return to a “real” career?

Wedding time

I have a dear friend who is getting married in June, and has asked me to be a bridesmaid. I am honored that she would ask me. She was one of my maids of honor (I had 2) in my wedding and was there for me if ever I needed her. She managed to help throw a bridal shower, get a dress, and then follow-up with a bachelorette party all in the very short  engagement time. She deserves the best and I know I will do everything to help her get it.

That being said- I am so excited for the wedding. “J” will be 2 1/2 years and “E” will be 1 which will make for some great dancing memories with my two boys. I am planning on getting them black cotton tees that have a tux outline printed on them along with black shorts- in effort to “dress up” but still be comfortable in the central valley of California heat (100+ degrees) Since I will be in the front with the wedding party, my parents are coming out to help. I definitely do not want my boys to be “those kids” who cry and interrupt the whole thing and ruin the wedding video.

ps- now I really have reasons to lose this baby/sweet tooth weight. Elliptical here I come!