Only He knew…

When Husband and I first started talking about having kids we thought we would want our kids about 2-3 years apart. Enough time to enjoy the “baby” in each of them. That being said- God had other plans for us. “J” and “E” are about 16 months apart.

This morning I realized after saying “Get off of your brother!” for the 100th time, that God knew that 16 months apart was better for our boys. At 16 months “J” really didn’t know about jealousy- or the purposeful hitting/pushing/falling on top that comes with that. Now at 2 years old, “J” knows all too well that he can push “E”s head to make him fall over. If “E” was newborn now, “J” would seriously outweigh and hurt; but “E” is 9 months and only 7 pounds lighter so he can handle “J”s pushes a lot more.

We still have crying, I repeatedly have to say ‘be nice’ and ‘do not hit’, and even the occasional time outs are given. But God definitely knew that our boys are better being closer in age- good thing He is the one in charge.


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