Just when I start to worry

A while ago I posted here about “J” and if i should be worried that he isn’t talking more clear words…I realized in reading to “J” yesterday that he actually knows more than I thought. I was just focusing too much on the baby talk rather than on everything he does know.

I have been working with “J” on his numbers and letters- sitting down one-on-one during “E”s naptimes. And he has come so far- he can say “1,2,3,8,10”. Husband was impressed the other night as I held up letters for “J” and he would recognize and say “a,e,o,y,m,r”.

“J” also has added many more words/sounds to his vocabulary. Not only more words but putting words together too. He shocked me when he came to get my attention when we were outside and asked for “wa-wa”. “J” had never said “wa-wa” before so I was only halfway sure what he was asking for. I responded “you want water?”  He smiled and pointed to the hole in the dirt saying “wa-wa boat peaz”. Yup, you read it right. “J” asked for water in the hole so he could float his toy boat and was polite on top of that with a please! My mouth dropped and of course I had to give him water.

I also (remember I was worried so I have gone a bit overboard) have been trying to get “J” to use more sign language if he can’t say a word. I have to remind him, but he can sign more and thank you.

So just when I start to worry about not talking, I get to brag as “J” language just seems to be exploding with new words everyday.


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