Timing wasn’t the best

So I went MIA due to my travels to visit family.  My timing wasn’t the best but this couldn’t have been predicted.

Flight out to Nashville (to visit in-laws in Alabama) went smoothly and the boys were beyond wonderful. “J” colored and played on his toddler laptop. “E” either ate, slept, or chewed on his teethers. With exception that “E” was still teething so he didn’t want to be anywhere except in my arms (I couldn’t even set him down for 30 seconds to refill my coffee cup!)- the visit went well. “J” was shy at first, but once comfortable with new surroundings his chatter box started up.

That is until Thursday after dinnertime. “J” seem to flip a switch. He wouldn’t go or do anything except be in my arms. He tried multiple times to push “E” out of my arms so he could have my undivided attention. “J” threw-up and was just generally miserable. I finally got both to bed, but awoke at 3am to “J” crying again. This time it was a fever that made his body radiate heat from everywhere. I gave him some Tylenol and put him back to bed.

Friday was travel-to-Texas day.  “J”  continued to ride a fever (Tylenol killed fever, but it returned as medicine wore off) and slept all day. “E” tooth finally cut through, so his clingyness lessen slightly.

Saturday seemed to start fresh. “J” didn’t wake up with a fever and actually ate a pretty big breakfast. So I thought I was in the clear. WRONG! Again a flip switched. “J” woke up from his nap around 5 pm crying with a  fever. This time it was inconsolable. He didn’t want to be touched and his cries were seemingly pain-based. So we ended up in the emergency room. 5 hours  and a bill I can only imagine will be outrageously overpriced later- “J” is diagnosed with one ear infection and a viral cold (ie- no medicine works so you just have to bear through it).

Today on our finally plane ride home “J” was “that” kid. He threw the biggest tantrum getting onto the plane. Refused to sit in the seat and be belted in. He was so worked up he started kicking the window/wall and head butting my side. The crying was so loud too! He finally wore himself out and slept for 2 hours. When he woke up, he calmly watched Toy Story and looked out the window. He walked happily off the plane as if he knew we were almost home. “J” even laughed and shouted for joy when I loaded the car seats into my jeep.

Both boys were so ready to be home. The visits were nice, but I have a feeling that I am staying home for a long time.


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