The “2”s have set in…

SIGH! That is a huge sigh from a mommy that is trying her best to regain patience before the next seemingly-out-of-the-blue toddler meltdown occurs. “J” seems to have flipped a switch to the “terrible 2s”. He isn’t terrible all the time. Melt downs just seem to be happening more often for seemingly no reason out of our normal routine. Getting changed out of pjs into clothes for the day= meltdown. Going upstairs for a bath= meltdown (he wants to watch tv downstairs). Walking into Target for diaper with “E” in the carrier= meltdown (he wants to be carried too). “J” is also getting more vocal and possessive of toys and pretty much everything. If “E” touches a toy, “J” says ‘no! down!’ and pushes “E”s hands away from the toy/couch/walker.  I understand part of this is “E” getting big enough to want to play with the same toys, but geez! Not everything in the whole house is off-limits to “E”.

So I am using the excuse have concluded that “J” is in the terrible 2s stage and I need to hang on for a couple of years of toddler battles.


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