The better part of the trip

I mentioned that my trip was made interesting with “E” teething and “J”s ear infection (oh- top that off with two teeth coming in too!). However in all that complaining- there were very good parts of the trip. Visiting family (my in-laws) was nice and enjoyable. It was the first time they had seen “E”, so they were very excited.

It had been awhile since I had seen my family, so it was wonderful to catch up. While we were there, we managed to make it to a children’s museum- “J” spent literally 2 hours between two train tables with only a brief pause for trucks. 

and “E” had a play area too.


Auntie K went with us to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Plant (the ice cream that we loved when we lived in AL, but miss now back in CA).    


Included with the tour is a scoop of ice cream and boy “J” did not want to share his scoop. Look at this stare down!

We also made it over to a crawl play center. It wa a large office space with slides, sandbox, play kitchen, reading center, and baby crawl area. It was nice to just let “J” run without consequence and let “E” crawl with out worrying about whether the place was baby proofed or not.


Over all the trip was nice and I loved seeing everyone. I wish my poor guys would have felt better, but pictures only tell the good moments (so maybe that’s all I’ll remember the next time I try a trip like this again).


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